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created on:
Oct 5 2020
03:08:37 PM
I have a set of Jackie Kennedy 1929-1994
stamps issue JK1 0200. How much are they worth?


created on:
Oct 22 2020
05:55:56 AM
The value of that ultra rare commemorative 9 stamp set that comes complete with a numbered certificate of authenticity is worth......... Almost nothing, I have the same set that I happened across while settling my late grandmother's estate and like you, I assumed that there must be some sort of value to it but after extensive research I have found that almost all stamps that are commemorative and come in a set numbered with authenticity notes and the like are worth nothing, not even face value, they charged $12.95 for them back in 1996 and now there are tons of them online, you can find them on eBay, all in perfect condition that can't even get sold for $10, it's quite sad actually but the truth is that instant collections / commemorative sets / anniversary sets and the like are all worth basically nothing unless of course there's some sort of rare error on one of them but that virtually never happens either, bummer I know but it's the sad reality.