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Dec 2 2020
02:53:09 PM
I have a very large donation of stamps to give away. Do you take donations? My request is to give these stamps free to young beginners and schools free of charge to begin or extend their own collections and help to introduce stamps to new young generations to the joy of collecting stamps


created on:
Dec 3 2020
04:17:43 PM
Yes we would be glad to take your donation of stamps. However although we sent out over 1,600 packets of free stamps last year to various children, scout troops, and schools, I am sorry to say we are not a 501c3 non-profit organization. Our organization is relatively small and the cost to maintain non-profit status is too expensive.

If you are looking for a tax deduction for your donation, I suggest one of the following:

The American Philatelic Society's Stamp Teach Program,
Stamps for the Wounded,
The Postal History Foundation's Youth Education thru Stamps Program,

If you do have a large donation, you may want to split it up.

I hope this helps.