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ISWSC Stamp Answer Person Question — Issue pedi no 00769. Certificate of authenticity

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created on:
Jul 12 2021
09:09:43 PM
Would you be able to tell me how much these stamps are worth. Princess Diana stamps


created on:
Jul 17 2021
06:58:36 AM
We are not the International Collectors Society which was a company that produced philatelic collectibles and went out of business years ago. We are the International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors which is a philatelic club specializing in worldwide stamp collecting.

To answer your question, try going to a library near you and look up the item in the Scott Stamp Catalogue but note that most dealers will pay only 20% to 30% of the listed price. You can also get an idea of the value by looking for the item on, or eBay.