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created on:
Mar 15 2017
10:38:29 PM
I have a cover issued in 1976 by the International Stamp Collectors Society titled "American Bi-Centennial Commemorative Issue" Commemorating "A Century of the Telephone". It states in red "Stamp Expo '76" and is signed by Helene D'Pree. I noticed that the word available is spelled incorrectly on the envelope and it should have been one continuous sentence without a period after "event": "Replica of the exclusive Bicentennial/Centennial pictorial cancellation AVAILABE only at the U.S./Stamp Expo Post Office during the 3-day event. To postmark the new 13-cent Telephone Centennial commemorative stamp. Since it is over 40 years old, I assume others have noticed these errors. Is this a rare cover?


created on:
Mar 23 2017
05:36:40 PM
This cover was sold as one of a pair of covers by the International Collectors Society (a private company), in 1976, honoring the 100th anniversary of the telephone. Helene D’Pree was the designer of the cancellation on one of the covers. The original selling price was $2.95 for the set. The fact that there was a mis-spelling on the envelope is of little significance since it was not a postal service error, and did not involve the stamp. In fact, as you say, the cancellation was not even original, but a replica of the original.
Many US stamps are issued in conjunction with stamp shows such as “Stamp Expo 76” and special cancels are provided which are only available at the show, however, these are not particularly rare items. Many collectors such as myself, keep them as souvenirs. I would estimate your cover is worth a few dollars at most. Hope this info helps.

Ben Termini
ISWSC Stamp Answer Person