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Jan 7 2017
04:05:06 PM
Dear sir/madam
I'm from South Africa, and am the founder of a charity organization. I have 4 x 4 Stamp Collections that's framed, and signed by former Pres. F.W.De Klerk, together with the name of the late Pres.Nelson Mandela. These collectiontion of mine was never shown to the world. I found a private collector of in Hollywood, but didn't contact him yet. But than I found your site here on the internet. I would love to sell it to the highest bidder, I want to use the money for my children organization in Africa. I will not reveal the images now, maybe at a later stage.
Tell me, what shall I do to raise more awareness from your stamp society? If I don't get the amount I have in mind, I might go reach out to the private collector. Thanks in advance
A. Arnold