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Mar 25 2017
05:50:26 PM
French two cent stamp number 157 in Scots catalogue, date is 1906 - 1937.

It has an image of a "sower" and has a large H imprint. Is it an overprint or pre-cancelled? Is there any history to the overprint. Hope you can help. Thank you. Alan MacNaughton


created on:
Mar 26 2017
11:48:24 AM
Hi Alan,
I'm afraid I'm not going to be much help. I have looked through several of my sources and can't find any information about an 'H' overprint on that stamp. My best guess is that it may be a privately applied overprint, done to prevent stamp theft, in the same way many companies in the US (and elsewhere) used overprints and perfins. Many US stamps were overprinted with the initials MW (for Montgomery Ward), often accompanied by a date. You could try contacting the France and Colonies Philatelic Society ( and see if anyone there can be of help.

Ben Termini
ISWSC Stamp Answer Person