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created on:
Mar 26 2017
10:06:16 PM
I bought a collection of International Collectors Society New Issue Princess Diana stamps at an estate sale and am wondering what their value is. They have certificates of authenticity, and there is a set for every month over three years. One set is Issue PD15 #1930.


created on:
Mar 28 2017
12:47:46 PM
The certificates of authenticity are worthless. The "International Collectors Society" is a private company which markets pretty pictures for high prices to people who think they are buying something valuable. Most of their material is not worth much however if you have 36 of their pages, a stamp dealer might give you a dollar or so for each page, depending on whether he needs more of this material. I have seen some of these sheets offered for as little as twenty-five cents each.
You might try selling it on eBay. Perhaps someone who collects memorabilia about Princess Diana might be interested.

Ben Termini
ISWSC Stamp Answer Person