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ISWSC Stamp Answer Person Question — How do I sale my international stamp collection

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created on:
Mar 11 2022
09:05:23 PM
I have stamps from almost every country except the U S A. Canada,China,Japan,South Wales,E double upiside down VAe. What? Where? Sverige,and many more. I am not a collector. Someone really needs to see the stamps I have. Some are on the world's most valuable stamps. Others I don't know where they come from.


created on:
Mar 21 2022
09:15:43 AM
There are several ways to sell your collection. The fastest way is to find a local stamp dealer in your area. However you will get the lowest price because the dealer will need to make a profit on the resale. A more time consuming way but more profitable is to sell your stamps on a website like eBay, Hipstamp, etc.