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Jun 11 2017
09:33:04 PM
I have a few stamps certificates of authenticity. There have numbers and I wanted to check the values for them.
1. Single stamp, Issue RW1 Number 4744, Princess Diana Wedding Commemorative (100F)

2. Single stamp, Issue RW3 2956
same Princess Diana Wedding. (300)

3. 3 stamps P, Issue RW2 0405
Princess Diana Set of 3 Stamps(90) (35) (65)

If possible can you please tell me the approximate value if possible all 3 are in the original protection sheet with the certificates.
Thank you
David Carter


created on:
Jun 15 2017
11:31:32 AM
International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors is a stamp club for collectors, International Collector's Society is a stamp dealer, we are not affiliated in any way.
A value can be put on your stamps by going to your local library and checking Scott's Postage Stamp Catalogues. Without a more detailed description of the stamps I cannot give you any more information.