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ISWSC Stamp Answer Person Question — Value of Stamp First Day Covers with Coins

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created on:
Jun 12 2017
10:13:13 AM
I have inherited a large number of international stamp/coin combos. They appear to be first day covers of a country's cancelled stamp with a coin from that country as an integral part of the envelope. A description of the event is included. They may have been offered by Fleetwood. How do I go about finding the value of these items? Are they sellable or can they be donated? Thank you!


created on:
Jun 15 2017
11:34:42 AM
Such items cannot be valued without being seen. The covers you describe were generally sold at inflated prices and are of interest only to a select group of collectors interested in that sort of material. Checking for comparable items on Ebay may give you some idea as to their value.