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Sep 17 2017
03:39:33 PM
I've been wanting to start a worldwide collection covering the time period 1840-1940. However, a lot of material from this time period I can't afford; I mainly will pick-up less expensive issues, with some more expensive items from time to time. However, this is such a broad area and time period, I'm afraid I won't be taken seriously by other collectors. Do you have members who collect this time period, without investing a lot of money? I know I won't be able to collect lots of issues, but this doesn't bother me.


created on:
Sep 18 2017
10:53:42 AM
Collecting the stamps pf the first one hundred years (1840-1940) is very popular among worldwide collectors. ISWSC definitely has members collecting that time period and all collecting interests are taken seriously. There are hundreds of stamps from around the world that are affordable to the average collector. If that is what you want to collect then go for it and enjoy. Member interests are listed in the ISWSC Directory so it is easy for members to seek out like minded philatelists.