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Jan 7 2017
04:29:55 PM
I am interested in selling 1941 stamps of Hitler. In each of the top 2 corners the amount of 50 is written, in the middle it shows the right side of Hitler's face and on the bottom is written Deutsches Reich. There are 42 stamps that are stuck together to 42 other stamps making atotal of 84 stamps that are in pristine condition. A professional stamp collector will have no trouble at all steaming these stamps apart. In addition, I have a package of snapshots of the Leige, a folded 1944 news paper, a negative of a picture of a car like Hitler was driven around in, an unprocessed roll of 36 negatives in a small metal canister with the word Patrone on it; who knows what gems might be on that!
There are also 3 booklets, an Army Driver's Manual, a Military Police Duty booklet and a Veterans insurance booklet.
I myself am a Vietnam Veteran and I inherited all the above items so please locate the highest bidder.
My Sincere
On Thanks,