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created on:
Jan 10 2017
09:48:29 PM
What is the value of a Princess Diana "white chiffon evening dress" commemorative sheet AND princess Diana Royal Gowns Plate Block of 9? BOTH with certificates of authenticity and mint condition in protector


created on:
Jan 13 2017
03:46:22 PM

There are dozens of countries which have issued stamps honoring Princess Diana, so I cannot give you a definite value without knowing which country your stamps are from.
However, most of these stamps and souvenir sheets have little value. A lot of them were sold for inflated prices by 'ethically-challenged' dealers who often added serial numbers, certificates of authenticity and led people to believe that they would increase in value. In fact they have not and many such souvenir sheets are selling for as little as twenty-five cents each.
Sorry to be so negative. Your best bet would be to give them to someone in the family who likes pretty pictures or else you could try listing them on eBay. Maybe someone who likes Princess Di would be interested in them.

Ben Termini
ISWSC Stamp Answer Person