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created on:
Jan 31 2017
05:49:07 PM
Hello, I have quite a few Disney Stamps,all with the Certificate of Authenticity in the back, all in perfect condition. I am wondering how much these are worth and where could I sell them. I appreciate your help!! Thank you,
Amy Heald


created on:
Feb 3 2017
11:13:16 PM
Hi Amy,

There are thousands of Disney stamps out there, so I can't give you any specific information about your stamps without knowing more about them. If you could send me a few scans I can give you a better idea of their value.
That said, most of these are not worth much. I have seen some sheets of these offered for sale for as little as twenty-five cents each. Many of these were sold by unscrupulous dealers in the past who added certificates of authenticity (worthless) and serial numbers and fancy packaging in an attempt to convince purchasers that they were buying something which would increase in value. In fact, most are worth only a fraction of what the original purchasers paid for them. I'm sorry to be so negative. If you want to sell them, you might try listing them on eBay - maybe someone who collects Disney material would be interested.

Ben Termini, Stamp Answer Person