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created on:
Feb 19 2017
09:41:50 PM
I have a package of stamps that say Winnie The Pooh Plate Block of 4 is an Official Legal Tender Limited Edition issue was number 3207. I am wondering if they are worth anything and where I might sell them.


created on:
Feb 20 2017
11:49:34 AM
Hi Kathy,

There were many different countries that issued stamps featuring Winnie the Pooh, including Great Britain, Canada, China, Antigua, Benin and Chad (and many more). If you can identify the country your stamps are from, I can probably give you a more specific idea of the value of your stamps.
Most of these, however, are not worth very much. Many dealers in the last twenty or thirty years have taken fairly common stamps and marketed them as 'limited editions' with serial numbers, certificates of authenticity, and guarantees that they are 'legal tender.' This is mostly nonsense. They sell them to people who believe they are buying something which will increase in value, but in reality nothing could be further from the truth.
If you wish to sell them, your best bet would be to list them on eBay - maybe someone who likes Winnie the Pooh would be interested.

Ben Termini
ISWSC Stamp Answer Person