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created on:
Feb 22 2017
07:54:12 PM
Hi I like to know if my King Korn stamps have any value.
I have 1,404 stamps in the books.


created on:
Feb 23 2017
12:17:26 PM

Believe it or not, there are people who collect these items. They are certainly not postage stamps and have nothing to do with the mail, but people collect just about everything. These are what stamp collectors call 'Cinderellas' which is a catch-all term including anything ‘not good enough to go to the ball’ although the exact definition varies. Other Cinderella items might include Christmas or Easter seals, labels, tax and revenue stamps, poster stamps, ration stamps, and many other stuff. Generally, anything which looks like a stamp but isn’t one, could be considered a Cinderella.
I personally collect weird stuff and I must admit I have an accumulation of similar trading stamps, including common ones such as S&H Green Stamps, Top Value Stamps, Blue Chip Stamps, and even some from the United Cigar Stores Company of America (you could redeem them for cigars). Ugh!
When I was a kid (quite a while ago) Top Value Stamps were the big thing. We would hang around the drug stores looking for stamps that people had discarded, take them home to mom who put them in her book, and every year or so we got a new toaster.
Now back to your King Korn Stamps. They are probably not very valuable since they were very common. I did an online search and found one store selling a full book for $3.00. You might try listing them on eBay, maybe one of those weird collectors will buy them from you. But don’t count on taking a trip to Hawaii with the profits from your sale.

Ben Termini
Stamp Answer Person