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May 22 2020
10:42:26 AM
Barton R. P. Holcomb
ISWSC #3063, APS #161897, EPA #2716
PHONE: COUNTRY CODE 45 #29609941

As a form of interdiction and for general information I offer the following:
I have been an avid stamp collector for over 65 years. Collecting almost every type and variety of philatelic material, however these days I am devoted to a few highly specialized mini collections. My current interest is in collecting the 1922-23 Irish overprints of the contemporary King George V, Britain, 1912-1922 issue. I am especially interested in several gutter pairs, and control singles and strips of 3 or more. However I am always interested in varieties, errors or oddities within the group. I use the 2020 issue of the Hibernian handbook for identification and evaluation. Unfortunately Scott’s and/or Stanley Gibbons only list the basic stamps and do not list any identification for most of the varieties I am looking for.

My inquiry to you is a request for advice of how best to communicate my specific needs to a large enough base of collectors to achieve some success. I review every auction, dealer, and public sails resources, on a weekly basis with virtually no success. I know these items are out there some are rear but many are relatively inexpensive and given the numbers issued should be available. I have very few stipulations basically I do not collect any damaged or flawed items (forgeries are always of interest) I am open to all options.