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Mail Bid Sales

Welcome to the ISWSC Mail Bid Sales section. It is here that you can view current auctions and get all all the forms required to bid and submit items for auction. The mail bid sale is for ISWSC members only and is managed by Smokey Stover.

If you would like to submit a lot please complete the following form and send it to Smokey at the address listed on the form.

Good luck bidding

Sale 77

Sale no. 77 ends on August 15, 2017 and can be viewed as a PDF by clicking here.

This sale is another big one with 533 lots. Pay particular attention to the extensive selection of France and again, many early French colonial stamps (Obock, Moheli, Madagascar, Polynesia and FSAT). There is also a nice lot of German offices and colonies. Don't miss all the Great Britain Victorias! There are a number of lots which offer an opportunity to acquire larger numbers of stamps at a lower percentage of CV.

As a reminder, a lot of auctions end in a tie, so the first bid received wins the lot. Don't miss out! Bid early! And often!

Sale 78

Sale no. 78 ends on October 15, 2017 and can be viewed as a PDF by clicking here.

Sale #78 features a lot of classic material. Check out the Victoria, Canada provinces and Malay states. There are also a number of German states and one lot of very old Reunion, including some BOB. Canada lots include some Jubilees, and there are quite a few Great Britain Victoria issues. There is also a moderate amount of British Caribbean scattered throughout. As always, check out the larger lots, where the percentage of catalog value asked is lower.

As a reminder, a lot of auctions end in a tie, so the first bid received wins the lot. Don't miss out! Bid early! And often!

Past Sales and Results

As a service here you will find links to the past mail bid sales and their results where available.

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Mail Bid Sale Basics

Bid Increments
$1 to $9.99 bid increments of 50 ¢
$10 to $29.99 bid increments of $1
$30 to $99.99 bid increments of $2
$100 or more bid increments of $5

Abbreviations Used in the Sales

& = And
+ = Plus
// = Incomplete
ADDR = Address(ed)
ANN = Anniversary
APPROX = Approximate(ly)
APS = American Philatelic Society
BKLT = Booklet
BLK = Block
BOB = Back of Book
CAT = Catalogued
COMMEM = Commemorative(s)
CTO = Cancelled to Order
CV = Catalog Value (Latest Scott or year listed)
DEFIN = Definitive(s)
DIFF = Different
DUP = Duplicate(s)
EST = Estimate(d)
F = Fine (off center, but perfs don't touch design)
FD(C) = First Day (Cover)
G = Good (perfs cut into design)
HBO = Held By Owner
HC = Heavy Cancel
HH = Heavy Hinge
HR = Hinge Remnant
ID'd = Identified
(IN)CPL = (IN)Complete
INCL = Include (s) (ed)
LC = Light Cancel
LH = Light Hinge
M or * = Mint
MC = Moderate Cancel
MH = Mint Hinged
MLH = Mint Lightly Hinged
MNH or ** = Mint Never Hinged
NG = No Gum
NMB = No Minimum Bid
OG = Original Gum
PNB = Plate Number Block
RET = Retired, Returned
S/S = Souvenir Sheet(s)
SE = Straight Edge
SON = Socked on the Nose
TH = Thin
U = Used
UNADDR = Unaddressed
VF = Very Fine (wide margins)
VG = Very Good (perfs touch Design)
W/(O) = With(out)
WMK = Watermark
XF = Extra Fine