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Large On Line Swap Circuits

Are you are interested in exchanging stamps 1 for 1 where your only other cost is paying for postage both directions? The exchange is only for large used worldwide stamps (no USA, no CTO's, no smalls, no damaged).

The website is only for ISWSC members and it is at: Your name (first and last as printed in the newsletter) and membership number is already in the websites database. So to register you need to enter that information. Once you register you can create your own username and password. When you login you can click on "how to exchange stamps" for the rules.. If you have further questions please contact Igor Malcevski.

Mays Swap Message

Hi all,

May was a disappointment as far as exchanges. 77% was the exchange rate and we had 8 people whose exchange rate was below that. Part of the problem is we are seeing repeats, especially from Austria. In fact we have another 85 Austria stamps coming up in June. Hopefully these will be more of interest. So, please slow down in sending Austria stamps. The other issue is we had half a dozen members who did not participate at all in May. Hopefully, they will be back in June. View the results for last month exchanges and totals since the program was started. If you are not sure what your exchange code is, just log in to and click on "My Offerings" and in the text you will see your code.

The June circuit is ready with less than 1400 stamps. Besides Austria, we had two contributions totaling 116 Monaco stamps, hope there is interest there. I want to thank S1 donating over 300 stamps (without taking any), over 150 have been put in the June circuit and rest will follow in next two months. June circuit starts on May 31, 2 PM EST.

If you have problem logging in and getting an error code, please contact Rich

On other matters you can contact me.

Good Luck,
Have Fun!

Online Circuit Manager:
Igor Malcevski (#2597)

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