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Swap Circuits

The swap circuits are for ISWSC members and are a great way to fill spaces in your albums and add to your worldwide collection.

Fill out and send the swap circuit application to Jeannine to start participating.

ISWSC Swap Circuit Program for 2018-19

The 2018-19 program is being simplified to the following circuits. We will charge $4 for the Large Size (100 Foreign Stamps), Cancelled to Order (100 CTO Stamps), Small Size (150 Foreign Stamps - 4 times per year), and USA (100 USA Stamps), We will charge $9 for the Large Size (200 Foreign Stamps) and Small Size (150 Foreign Stamps - 9 times per year). The income received will be used by the Swap Circuit Mangers to buy quality stamp inventory. We always welcome comments from current Swap Circuit participants as to how this program can be improved, and we would like to hear from non-participating ISWSC members what we can do to gain their participation.

If you are interested in managing a circuit consisting of Souvenir Sheets, First Day Covers, Postcards or other philatelic items, please contact the program coordinator.

Lastly, the ISWSC Swap Circuit Program is one of the ISWSCs most popular programs. By purchasing quality stamp inventory, you will be surprised, and pleased, by the stamps you receive in the Circuits. Won't you participate? I welcome the opportunity to answer any, and all, questions.

Jeannine Mayer
ISWSC Swap Circuit Program Coordinator


General Information

A frequently asked question is what is the difference between USA Membership and International Membership. The answer is that if you sign up for only USA Membership all of the participants on your mailing will be in the USA. If you sign up for only International Membership a large number of the participants will be in Canada and foreign countries. A combination of both will result in a guaranteed combination of USA and International participants. This has all come about because some participants were troubled by the 49 cent USA postage rate vs. $1.15 International postage rate.

Online Swap

Are you are interested in exchanging stamps 1 for 1 with your only other cost is paying for postage both directions? The exchange is only for large used worldwide stamps (no USA, no CTO's, no smalls, no damaged).

The website is only for ISWSC members and it is at: Your name (first and last as printed in the newsletter) and membership number is already in the websites database. So to register you need to enter that information. Once you register you can create your own username and password. When you login you can click on "how to exchange stamps" for the rules.. If you have further questions please contact Igor Malcevski.

Swap Circuit Managers

Swap Circuit Coordinator:
Send inquiries and annual fees here
Jeannine Mayer
5N424 Andrene Lane,
Itasca, IL 60143-2423 - USA

Small / Definitive Circuit Managers:
Frank Mariner (#2938)

Katharine Ashlock (#3002)

Rob Roy Hathaway (#2571)

Large Circuit Managers:
Igor Malcevski (#2597)

Steve Curtis (#2859)

Jason DeLeau (#2929)

Michael Kozminske (#2867)

Nancy Warner (#2976)

CTO Circuit Managers:
Bill Silvester (#1058)
E-mail :

USA Circuit Manager
John Rollo (#2604)

Online Circuit Manager:
Igor Malcevski (#2597)