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ISWSC Stamp Answer Person Question — How could I get swindled 3 out of 3 times,

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Nov 13 2019
01:39:09 AM
Mid 90s, had jenny, position 26,when confronting him later he told me I might find my answer in heaven,more to story which is all true, 80s retired postman dealer out of his house screwed trusting me, he got caught and went to lawyer and said I made threats, ruined his name and I am liable to be sued, even his friend told me he was sorry for what he did to me, more bad to this story. 6 years ago a preacher screwed me on many precancels and denies even getting them now and his wife just threatened to have a restraining order on me because I text her husband about finding some other person he screwed along with me, I trusted these crooks, i didnt find out till later by some people who had dealings with them and heard about my getting fleeced.