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The International Society of
World Wide Stamp Collectors

Benefits of Membership

Online Application

You can apply to join the ISWSC by clicking on, filling out, and then mailing the application and fees to our ISWSC P.O. Box.

Downloadable Brochure with Application

The ISWSC Brochure and Application is available in a downloadable .PDF file

The Circuit

ISWSC's Newsletter with articles, program updates, free ads for members and other information.

Swap Circuits

Separate circuits for commemorative, definitive, USA and CTO stamps. Receive 100 stamps, take what you want and replace with like quality material and pass it on to the next person on the list. Sign up for as many circuits as you want. Annual fee $2.00 for up to 4 circuits plus 100 stamps of the type of circuit you are joining. Get more information at our Swap Circuits page.

Catalog value exchange (Omni Exchange)

The exchange circuit allows USA members to exchange stamps on a catalog value basis by filling exchange booklets and submitting them to the exchange manager.

Sales Circuit

The sales circuit allows USA members to fill booklets with material to sell, price it yourself and we will circulate to other members in the sales circuit. Sign up to receive sales circuit booklets. Most stamps are priced reasonably at 1/4 to 1/3 CV.

Mail Bid Sale

Held 3-4 times a year, if not more often. Submit lots for auction and they will be listed. There is a 15% fee on lots sold.

Premium Circuit

Send 50 stamps cataloging at least 50 cents and receive 50 different stamps in exchange; never get the same stamp twice. Must list stamps sent by catalog number and provide postage.

Stamp ID

Our "What's It" man will help you with those mystery stamps and publish the ones that stump him in The Circuit for others to help.

Stamp Outreach

We provide free stamps to children, youth groups and other non-profit groups supporting the hobby.

Trade with other members

You will receive the club directory which lists collecting interests, age group, whether you are beginning or more advanced, and whether you are willing to trade. Contact other members and begin trading on your own.