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Free Stamps for Youngsters and Beginners

You do not need to be an ISWSC member to take advantage of any of these offers!

The ISWSC is dedicated to helping youngsters and beginners collect and enjoy worldwide stamps. Through the generosity of our members, we are giving away free stamp packets to anyone who submits a request. For all requests, please send us a letter or an email with your name and address in it.

We can also supply free stamps to school stamp clubs and other collecting groups for youngsters. Group leaders should write to us mentioning the number of kids involved, their ages and interests.

Donations of duplicate stamps and/or supplies are gratefully accepted at the address to the right to further our outreach efforts.

Send your requests for free stamps to:

ISWSC Internet Offer
Richard Rizzo (#2215)
18300 Winter Park Ct
Gaithersburg, MD 20879-4626 - USA

Please ensure that your request matches the criteria provided on the left.

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