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The International Society of
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About the ISWSC

Responding to a letter by Society founder Aubrey Dunne published in Linn's Stamp News, seasoned worldwide collectors let it be known that they were tired of the "amateur" image given them as non-specialists. The foundations were laid in 1980 for what is now the International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors.

Contrary to popular opinion, our 375+ members in more than 50 countries believe that worldwide stamp collecting is the most fun and challenging area of philately today. Whether you are a beginner, casual collector, topicalist or specialist, ISWSC membership will benefit you. Corresponding and trading with others of your collecting level and interests is just the start.

We believe that stamp collecting is for everyone, including youngsters, and the ISWSC supports a worldwide outreach effort. Stamp donations from members are made available to youth groups around the globe to encourage youngsters to discover the greatest hobby in the world. There are collection/distribution centers in eight countries.


The ISWSC is affiliate #151 of the American Philatelic Society and a study unit of the American Topical Association.

Associate Group Program

Any stamp organization with five or more ISWSC members in good standing may apply to become an ISWSC associate club. Such status entitles the club to receive a complimentary issue of "The Circuit" for their library, obtain bulk shipments of ISWSC sales circuits for members to review and also participate in ISWSC auctions. This is offered free to qualified clubs. Complete the On-Line Application.

The Rochester Philatelic Association, of Rochester, New York and the Disabled Collector's Correspondence Club are associate groups of the ISWSC.